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Posted On Friday March 03, 2023

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

In March, our collective focus is on the core values of sustainability and honesty while also continuing to profile stories that show the importance of learning environments that nurture relationships/connections, wellbeing, and equity in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Westmount Elementary School

Principal Lloyd and I started with a conversation with Ms. Khabra who shared that she appreciated having a snow blower which she had used that morning. We then visited Ms. Hansen’s Gr. 6-7 class that was studying perspectives by sharing their views on the question and a picture showing a glass of water– “Is there enough water?” The purpose was to realize that what someone considers “enough” depends on context, needs, and purpose.

Ms. Wilsher’s Gr. 5 class was making beaded medallions with guest Ms. Jensen, Cultural Education Coordinator from Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society. We walked through Ms. Zirnhelt’s Gr. 2 class enjoying a read aloud. Mr. Caputo’s Gr. 6-7 class was engaged in persuasive writing by working with teacher candidate, Mr. Rosch. Ms. Ruddick’s Gr. 4 class was meeting with Ms. Thompson by Zoom to study the fur trade. As we continued our classroom visits, we met with Ms. Sauer, Teacher Librarian who shared that she had planned to meet with Gr. 3 and up to engage in Battle of the Books at lunch time. Ms. Primus was leading the Gr. 5-6 class in listening to a story about immigration and engaging in artwork about the topic.

Ms. Evans’ K-1 class was engaged in counting groups of 10 to make 100 for the “Hundred’s Day” exercises. Ms. Macdonald’s Kindergarten class was looking for individual numbers to contribute and complete the 100 chart. They also chose activities in stations and one of the favourites was cup stacking.

Career Education Events

In the Career Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, every learner will graduate, know who they are, and have plans for who they aim to become through their career pathway. To assist with this goal, career education events inspire students to learn and consider career pathways as described below.

Discovery Day: Health Care - February 24, 2023: Over 60 grade 10-12 students from throughout the district participated in the Discover Day in Health Care organized by Allisson Badger (District Career Education Coordinator). The students were supervised by Sheila Brown (District Trades and Transitions Coordinator) and Julia Carlson (Westsyde Secondary Career Education Lead teacher). Thank you to Ms. Brown and  Ms. Carlson for supporting students to achieve the Career Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Discovery Day: Rocky Mountaineer – March 2, 2023: SD73 Career Development partnered with Rocky Mountaineer for a brand new Discover Day. Students explored the local headquarters here in Kamloops and had hands-on learning experiences with the Operations and Mechanics department. Students got to tour million + dollar cars, start a GP40-2 locomotive engine, learn how to lift and lower an entire 250,000 lbs car onto a wheel hold...and more! Students enjoyed a unique hands-on experience that felt like "playtime with trains". Thank you Rocky Mountaineer for hosting a fantastic career experience. Thank you to Ms. Allisson Badger for supporting students to achieve the Career Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Regional Skills Competition, Jr. Skills, and Try-A-Trade – March 3, 2023: Over 200 students across the district spent the day at TRU either competing in the Regional Skills Competition or building trades-related projects and learning about trades. Learn more at: you to Ms. Kerry Gairdner for supporting students to achieve the Career Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Career Industry Fair- March 7, 2023: For grade 10 and 11 students who have an interest in the trades, there is an opportunity to learn more in the Industry Career Fair on March 7, 2023.Read more.  Thank you to Ms. Kerry Gairdner and Mr. Rick Kienlein for supporting students to achieve the Career Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

@KOOL engages in Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, our District Mission is to provide students with learning opportunities and environments that inspire students to thrive. The Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair has been the flagship science competition and enrichment opportunity in  Kamloops-Thompson since 1990.  This year's Regional Science Fair is on April 12th at Thompson Rivers University.  Each year thousands of dollars in prizes and scholarships are awarded to top achieving students in grades 4-12; our local top-achieving students are promoted to represent our Region at the Canada Wide Science Fair each May.  Read more.Thank you, Morgan Whitehouse, District Science Coordinator, who worked with teachers, students, and organizers from within and outside of the district who made this event and story possible.

Have a good weekend with family and friends, and enjoy the outdoors.


Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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