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Thought Exchange
by Blair Lloyd - Wednesday, 19 October 2016, 12:59 PM

Dear Parents,

Beattie Elementary and School District #73 wants to hear your thoughts about supporting our students in the future.

With the new school year underway, students are busy. As we support them during this school year, we also want to take some time to think and plan for the future. In order to create the best vision and plan for our District, we want to hear your thoughts.

Next week, we will be launching a virtual conversation using a tool called Thoughtexchange. We want to understand your thoughts on how we can support and prepare our students for the future and how we are doing as a District. There will also be space in the conversation for thoughts about our new school calendar, so please let us know the needs of your child and family.

You will receive an invitation from each school your children attend and you can sign-up here ahead of time to ensure you receive an opportunity to take part:

Thank you for taking the time to help us best support our students.